The work of the Trust is administered by an 11-member Council which comprise of 6 appointed (by the Minister) and 5 elected members (selected from among the membership) with varied professional backgrounds and expertise.  

  • Margaret McDowall, Chairman
  • Neisha Ghany, Vice Chair
  • Dominic Romain, Treasurer
  • Candice Ramsaran, Secretary

Other Council Members:

  • Louis Villain
  • Marie Abdulah
  • Mark Franco
  • Dr Ryan Mohammed
  • Cezanne Chang
  • Jacqueline Weekes-Penco

From left to right: Roma Wong Sang, Dominic Romain, Neisha Ghany, Margaret McDowall, Avril Belfon, Louis Villain, Jacqueline Penco and Candice Ramsaran.
Missing Marie Abdullah and Tavernelle Wells ( one additional member is to be elected)


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Shamila Ramcharan

Pauline Philip
Operations Coordinator

Graeme Suite
Business Development and Marketing Coordinator

Kara Roopsingh
Senior Heritage Preservation and Research Officer
Contact: 225-4750 ext. 1072

Kumi De Souza
Senior Project and Facilities Officer


Leslie Ann Paul
Heritage Preservation and Research Officer

Marlon Green
Administrative Officer
Contact: 225-4750 ext. 1073

Joseph Bertrand
Education and Outreach Officer
Contact: 225-4750 ext. 1075

Tiy Cross-Lovelace
Social Media Marketing and Outreach Officer
Contact: 225-4750 ext. 1076

Ashleigh Morris
Heritage Preservation and Research Officer

Cheryl Ali
Customer Service Officer
Contact: 225-4750 ext. 1070

Maya Doyle
Research Officer

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Karishma Nanhu
Heritage Preservation and Research Officer

Catherine Serrant
Outreach Assistant

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Sean Austin
Facilities Officer

Safiya Da Silva
Administrative Assistant