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This Refund Policy was last updated on the 25th September 2020.


1.0     Introduction

The National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago (‘Trust’) is a membership-based organisation established by the National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago Act Chap. 40:53 to promote the conservation and protection of heritage assets in the country. This mandate is supported by our members and customers through participation in tours and events as well as the sale of merchandise at our online store and Trust Shop.  Previously refunds for cancelled tours or non-attendance were issued from the general petty cash float, however the National Trust has decided to depart from this simplistic procedure in favour of a more prudent process based on accounting and auditing advice.

This Refund Policy outlines the refund process for Trust events and tours cancelled by the National Trust as well as non-attendance by purchasers of tickets.



2.0     The Process

The following internal process will be implemented by the Trust when processing refunds:

  1. Authorisation of Refund

A decision must be made by the CEO or in his/her absence a Council Member so identified, authorising the issue of a refund; such a decision will take into account the recommendation of the National Trust personnel in charge of the particular event. Refunds are only given if the Trust cancelled the tour or in the event of cancellation by a purchaser at least one week prior to the event on condition that another person is identified and confirms participation in his/her place.


  1. Refunds for cancelled tours

At times the Trust may have reason to cancel a tour/event and a recommendation from the National Trust staff member  responsible for the cancelled tour/event must be prepared in writing providing a list of all persons who have paid for the tour/event and are eligible for a refund. In addition to the explanation for the reason for cancellation, the report should have:

  1. Name of each person in the group;
  2. Date of Payment;
  3. Mode of payment – cash, cheque, direct deposit, Linx, credit card, etc.;
  4. Place of purchase – at Trust office, at Water Taxi terminal, or online via Suntixx or any other authorised place/venue so identified;
  5. Amount paid;
  6. Amount to be refunded (in the case of online payments and Linx / credit card payments bank and service charges to be deducted).



3.0     Vetting

The list of persons identified for a refund should be vetted by the Trust accountant/authorised representative, to ensure that the funds stated have in fact been received, especially for online payments and direct deposits, as well as to ensure that cheque payments have cleared the deposit process.



4.0     Petty Cash Fund

The total amount to be refunded will then be constituted into a separate – one time – purposeful, limited time, petty cash fund, for which receipts can be prepared in advance based on the list of persons to be refunded. 



5.0     One-time petty cash fund

Persons to be refunded will be contacted by one staff member of the Trust/authorised person designated to coordinate the release of the funds and the signing of the refund receipts by persons receiving such refunds. This designated person will also be required to reconcile the amounts refunded and the balance of the fund until all authorised refunds are disbursed for that particular tour/event.



6.0     Collection of Refunds

The sole purpose of this one-time fund is for the issue of refunds. Refunds may be collected one week after the tour was cancelled or as otherwise advised and any amounts not refunded within one month (i.e. persons do not show up to collect their refund) will be re-deposited into the Trust bank account. This allows for proper auditing and reconciliation of these refunds while avoiding the depletion of daily operating petty cash.



7.0     Changes to Refund Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this Refund Policy and by posting to our website shall be deemed effective notice and such changes shall be effective immediately. You are also advised to read our Return and Exchange Policy.

If you have questions or comments about this Refund Policy, please contact Us at:

National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago
Mille Fleurs
23 Maraval Road, St Clair
Port of Spain
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

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