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The National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago is incredibly pleased with the efforts of the Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation (TTPost) to clean up and protect the Sangre Grande Old Post Office. We would also like to take this opportunity to commend Chairman Anil Juteram and the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation, as well as Mrs Ava Defreitas-Ramnath of the NGO Concerned Citizens of Sangre Grande for supporting the preservation of heritage in their town. The Old Post Office predates the better-known heritage sites like Stollmeyer’s Castle and the Magnificent 7 in Port of Spain, and it holds a special place in the history of Sangre Grande. This building was erected in the year after the railway came to Sangre Grande – 1898. At such a time, with limited communication and transportation, one can imagine the prestige this town received from having such a large two story post office building alongside the other large civic buildings of that era. The final stop on the train line heading east was this small village of Sangre Grande (then Cunapo) with its interesting infrastructure and development. What a treat it must have been to see the village after such a journey! The Old Post Office has been standing in that very spot for 122 years and the postal service has been a part of the historical narrative that has shaped the town we see today.

The National Trust has recognized the value of this building, and in December 2019 with the permission of the Minister of Planning and Development declared it to be a Listed Property of Interest and it is now a National Heritage Site. All Listed Properties of Interest are given protection under the National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago Act Chap 40:53, against unauthorised change, alterations, or against any person who damages, injures or defaces any listed property. The National Trust will continue to support TTPost, the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation and the community for the work they are doing to ensure that the future generations of this tenacious town are able to engage with their heritage forever.


Old Sangre Grande Post Office


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