Trinidad Government Railway Building


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The Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) building otherwise known as City Gate is the second railway station building to exist at its current location replacing the old wooden structure before it. The building, formerly the Trinidad Government Railway (TGR) building, was the metropolitan hub for the railway lines which connected Port of Spain to various parts of the country. It was designed by German architect, David Hahn, and was completed in 1924. The TGR administration building, can be described as typical of the neoclassical Colonial designs in Trinidad. The Trinidad Government Railways became the rail division of the Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) on 24th November 1964 and one year later the government announced that the railway would go in stages. Once considered the pride of the Colonial Government the TGR was officially closed on the 31st December 1968. Today, it is managed by and houses the headquarters of TGR’s successor, The Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC).


Property of interest located on a portion of a larger parcel of land situated in the City of Port of Spain, bounded on the north by South Quay, on the south by the Beetham Highway, on the west by Broadway and on the east by the St. Ann’s Dry River.

Other Known Name: PTSC Building

Address: 60 South Quay

Town/City: Port of Spain

Region: Port of Spain

Site Type: Cultural Heritage

Ownership: Public

Public Accessibility: Full Access

Cultural Community: British

Site Features: Public Buildings, Railway Sites


60 South Quay, Port of Spain