La Ruffin Spring Bridge


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Also known as L’Anse Mitan Spring Bridge, Moruga Spring Bridge, La Traite Spring Bridge


Address: La Ruffin Road Town/City: Moruga Region: Princes Town 


The La Ruffin Spring Bridge or the Suspension Bridge is an architectural landmark. It was the last functioning spring bridge in Trinidad. It was built in 1899 under the then Director of Public Works, Walsh Wrightson, a colonial official from England. The primary function of the bridge was to transport cocoa out of estates such as La Retreite, to the rest of the country. It facilitated access across the River of Hope, to a steamer collection point at La Ruffin. Cocoa estates dominated the landscape of Morgua in the late 19th century. Coffee was also grown.

As time passed and the cocoa and coffee estates declined, the bridge remained a primary access point to La Ruffin Beach. Unfortunately, the bridge collapsed in 1993. It was subsequently repaired but it has since deteriorated. The spring bridge is now closed and a newer bridge functions alongside it.

The La Ruffin Spring Bridge, together with the spring bridge at Marianne River, Blanchisseuse are the last of their kind existing in Trinidad and Tobago.



Photo of the La Ruffin Spring Bridge taken by Mr Kumi De Souza



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Address: La Ruffin Road

Town/City: Moruga

Region: Princes Town

Site Type: Cultural Heritage


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Site Features: Bridges


La Ruffin Road, Moruga, Princes Town