Shiva Mandir

This site is on the Heritage Asset Inventory which is the official list of Trinidad and Tobago’s historic sites that are worthy of notation and preservation. The register is authorized by the National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago’s Council and is by no means exhaustive. The sites on the Heritage Asset Register are not owned by the National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago. The Trust welcomes any historical information and oral histories the public wishes to share with us concerning this site via the feedback form.

The Shiva Mandir was constructed on the former Reform Estate (now known as Reform Village) in a period in which there was a marked transition from Indentured labour to small/peasant proprietorship by East Indians. By the early 1900s East Indians increasingly moved away from estate life, becoming small proprietors. Between 1943 and 1945 the Shiva Mandir was constructed on Reform Estate, which was previously called Sanderson & Ross Estate prior to 1928. The Temple space had to be rented from the owners of the Reform Estate. It became the first official Hindu place of worship built in that area, and one of the few that still stands today in its authentic form with original architectural features.

It was a symbol of social discipline in the area serving as a place of learning, a place to keep their culture alive, and above all, a place of worship. The Temple was built using only manual labour and basic materials such as sand & gravel from Guaracara River and stones from San Fernando Hill quarry.

The land on which both the Temple and the School was constructed was rented in 1943 by members of the community on a 100 year lease that is still valid today. The Temple is managed and maintained by the community.

Property of interest located on a parcel of land comprising 9,348 square feet, bounded on the north by Guaracara Tabaquite Road, on the south by Lot No. 14 lands of Caroni (1975) Limited, on the east by Guaracara Tabaquite Road and on the west by an Estate Trace 13 metres wide.

Address: 1 Railway Road Reform Village

Town/City: Gasparillo

Region: Princes Town

Site Type: Cultural Heritage

Ownership: Private

Public Accessibility: Restricted Access

Grade: Grade 1 – Property in which there should be no change, nor alteration to its shape or form, nor in or upon any material object, plant or other thing that may deform or deface the property;

Cultural Community: East Indian

Site Features: Places of Worship


1 Railway Road Reform Village, Gasparillo, Princes Town