Sites to visit before the end of JAVA
August 15, 2023

Blog by Maya Doyle-Fox

This July and August Vacation is flying by! Before it ends, here are a few sites that you can visit and enjoy this JAVA.


Avocat Mud Museum

Built in 1885, the Avocat Mud Museum is a 183-year-old structure built by Taitree, a hard-working Indian woman, who came to Siparia after working on a sugar estate in Couva. This building is a standing example of the tangible heritage of the East Indianndentured labourers who came to Trinidad in 1845. Located at 176 Siparia Old Road, this structure now functions as a museum, where tours are held and visitors are welcome. Chulha (fireside) making classes are also held here and volunteers are encouraged to assist with leepaying of the structure. Leepaying is pasting of a mixture of gobar (cow dung), dirt and water  by hand across parts of the house. This was primarily done by the East Indian Labourers when constructing their mud houses.

To book a tour, attend a class or to volunteer you can contact (868) 776-0753 or You can also contact for more information.



Avocat Mud Museum
Source: Karishma Nanhu, 2023


Toco Folk Museum

The Toco Folk Museum, built in 1997 is a structure which contains an amalgamation of biodiversity, folk knowledge, natural history and cultural heritage. The museum resides at the Toco Secondary School and is actively seeking out new shelter due to accessibility issues as a result of the 2018 earthquake which badly damaged the Toco Secondary School..  The museum contains pieces and treasures provided by visitors and has accumulated a significant stock of tangible and intangible cultural and natural heritage and history. A collection of flora and fauna species is displayed as well as WWII documents and artefacts. Remnants of the cocoa and coffee industry can be viewed. Traditional Carnival costumes such as Bookman and Fancy Sailor that were crafted by the masters of yesteryear, most notably by Narrie Approo, have also made a home in  the Toco Folk Museum.

Toco Folk Museum – Source Newsday

Toco Folk Museum – Source Uwi Zoological Society FB page

Toco Folk Museum – Source Uwi Zoological Society

Toco Folk Museum -Source Uwi Zoological Society Fb page


Columbus Bay



Go on an adventure and visit Columbus Bay!

This peaceful beach is a hidden treasure, located more than three hours away from Port of Spain. Residents of the arearefer to the beach as “deep south’ for this same reason. The beach is bordered by Los Gallos Point and Corral Point, and if it is a clear day, one can spot the coast of Venezuela from Corral Point. This beach is home to various land formations and natural features which present fun activities for the curious and adventurous. The waves that meet this beach are calm and ensure a family friendly time, but bathers should still be careful in the water.

The main attractions to this beach are known as the “Three Sisters”. Three stacks located a little ways off from the bay. These stacks present a very unique and fun photo opportunity that will give you lasting memories of your time at Columbus Bay. This beach is also alleged to be the beach Christopher Columbus landed on on July 31st, 1498, on his third voyage and for this reason history enthusiasts add this beach to their vacation destinations,


Columbus Bay and The Three Sisters Image Source: Maya Doyle-Fox 2019


Little Tobago


Little Tobago
Source: Visit Tobago


Are you a bird watcher?

Little Tobago boasts that it is one of the best spots to view seabirds (birds that have adapted to life within a marine environment). Visit this mile long islet by boat and you will have the best bird watching experience of a lifetime. Get a shot on the cliffside or on any of the well-marked trails. Also called Bird of Paradise, you won’t want to skip an opportunity to visit this sanctuary.  With 58 species of bird documented on the islet, any bird watchers will be absolutely delighted to capture these beauties.


Do you like to Dive?

Tobago boasts of beautiful marine wonderlands for any diver to explore. Known to be a diving destination, Tobago offers unique diving experiences that you will never forget.



Japanese Gardens


Japanese Gardens, Tobago
Source: Xtreme Spots


Located on the Northern End of the island, Japanese Gardens is an intermediate dive, which offers a colorful and holistic view of the marine life in Tobago waters. Once you plunge into, what is called the, “Fish Soup”, you will glide into the “Kamikaze Cut” and end up diving through four underwater zones with their own marine life, colours and species.


On the Southern End, is Mt. Irvine Wall, which is an easy to intermediate plunge that immediately strikes you with sights of varied and beautiful  species. From Seahorses to the rare White-nosed Pipefish, Mt.Irvine Wall gives a diver his/her fill of species sightings. Diving in this location, you might even see a Green Sea Turtle or a passing Manta Ray which will delight and shock you at the same time.


Looking for a heritage tour to enjoy with your family and friends?



The Matelot Heritage Tour on August 26th is just that tour! Visit an old dam which served as a water supply to the village, walk through a beautiful nutmeg estate – where nutmeg is grown and harvested. Take part in digging pacro and sampling pacro water and learn how to harvest sea moss!  

Click here to register now!


We hope the information given on the sites mentioned above, encourage you, your friends and families to get outdoors and see the beauty in the tangible and natural heritage around you. Explore and learn more about your country this July & August vacation.


If you visit any of the sites mentioned above, snap a pic and tag us on Instagram or Facebook, we would love to see it!



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