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The National Trust has opened a Resource Library for all its members to utilize. The books available to use /be viewed are as follows:

  • The Built Heritage of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Golconda Our Voices Our Lives- Ed. Lawrence Scott
  • Trinidad & Tobago Heritage- Gerald G. Watterson
  • Manikin- the Art and Architecture of Anthony C. Lewis
  • A Tale from The Old Library Vol.2: An Historical Record of the Public Library on Knox Street
  • A Tale of Two Houses: Vol.1 An Historical Record of the Boissiere & Piccadilly Houses
  • Great Estates of Trinidad- Anthony de Verteuil
  • The Letters of Margaret Mann pb
  • The Voyage of the Mediterranean Star- The Syrian Lebanese Women’s Association of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Architectural Heritage of the Caribbean an A-Z of Historic buildings
  • The Book of Trinidad
  • The Caribbean in Sepia: A History in Photographs 1840-1900 hardcover- Michael Ayre
  • The Story of Trinidad to 1797
  • Trinidad’s Northern Range Mountains: Vistas Water Life – Clint Quintal
  • Changing Society of Tobago 1838-1938 hc vol1 & 2
  • The art of Garnet ifill Glimpses of the Sugar Industry
  • In Celebration of 150 yrs of the East Indian Contribution to Trinidad & Tobago
  • Descendants of the Dragon: The Chinese in Trinidad 1806-2006
  • The Black Earth of South Naparima – Anthony de Verteuil
  • A History of Modern Trinidad 1783-1962- Bridget Brereton
  • A History of Trinidad & Tobago in the 20th Century- Michael Anthony
  • Spanish Trinidad – Francisco Padron
  • The Making of Port-of-Spain: The History of POS Vol 1 1757-1939
  • Port-of-spain in a World at War 1939-1945
  • Tobago: The Union with Trinidad 1889-1899 – Lennie Nimblett
  • First in Trinidad – Michael Anthony
  • Capitalism and Slavery – Eric Williams
  • Eight East Indian Immigrants – Anthony de Verteuil
  • Seven Slaves & Slavery Trinidad 1777-1838 – Anthony de Verteuil
  • Western Isles of Trinidad- Anthony de Verteuil
  • Kunuwaton: Culture & Cuisine of the Santa Rosa First Peoples of Arima, Kairi
  • ah’len
  • 70 Remembering A Revolution – DVD (2)
  • Edward Lanza Joseph and the Jews in Trinidad- Anthony de Verteuil
  • Trinidad’s French Legacy
  • Ruins of Absence, Presence of Caribs: (Post) Colonial Representations of Aboriginality in Trinidad and Tobago- Maximilian C. Forte
  • Trini Smartman
  • The Road Less Travelled
  • Black Power Revolution T&T 1970 – “Let the Truth be Told” Part 1&2 (J’Angelo Productions)
  • The Great War – Gaylord Kelshall


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