Holy Trinity Cathedral
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The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity is one of Port of Spain’s oldest surviving structures. Built between 1816 and 1823 it remains the center of the Anglican Church in Trinidad and Tobago. It was constructed as a result of a decision made in Britain to strengthen the Anglican Church in the West Indies and as a tool for anglicizing the predominantly Roman Catholic population of Trinidad after it was taken by the British in 1797. It originally served as a place of worship for the English elite in Trinidad and as the seat of the Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Trinidad.

The Cathedral was constructed using elements from the Gothic Revival movement which began in the late 1740s in England. As a result, the Cathedral incorporates lancet windows, pinnacled buttresses, a steeply pitched roof and an overall emphasis on height. Materials used in construction include blue limestone, from the Laventille quarries and yellow brick (transported from England).

Property of interest located on a parcel of land situated in the City of Port of Spain, bounded by Hart Street on the north, on the south by Queen Street (now known as Queen Janelle Commissiong Street), on the east by Frederick Street and on the west by Abercromby Street.

Other Known Name: Holy Trinity Cathedral

Address: 30A Abercromby Street

Town/City: Port of Spain

Region: Port of Spain

Site Type: Cultural Heritage

Ownership: Private

Public Accessibility: Limited Access

Grade: Grade 1 – Property in which there should be no change, nor alteration to its shape or form, nor in or upon any material object, plant or other thing that may deform or deface the property.

Cultural Community:

Site Features: Places of Worship

Source: RoundTripin.com

  • Trinity Cathedral Panorama

    Trinity Cathedral Panorama

  • trinity cathedral emblem by Melony Mejias

    trinity cathedral emblem by Melony Mejias

  • trinity cathedral_Melony Mejias

    trinity cathedral_Melony Mejias

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30A Abercromby Street, Port of Spain