St. Vincent Jetty Lighthouse
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The lighthouse on Wrightson Road, Port of Spain, is one of Trinidad’s most obvious landmarks identifying the entrance to “downtown” Port of Spain.

The lighthouse was built in 1842 by the governor Colonel Sir Henry McLeod to assist sea traffic for shipping entering and leaving Port of Spain’s harbour. It was initially situated at the end of a 120ft long jetty leading from the seafront, approximately where the south side of Independence Square is now. This was prior to the second and third phases of the reclamation of Port of Spain’s waterfront in 1845 and at the end of the nineteenth century. Fort San Andres was connected to the jetty by a wooden bridge.

From time to time the lighthouse was upgraded, but the structure remained the same. The structure leans slightly toward the west, but this has not interfered with its function or stability.


Property of interest of 64ft in height located in the City of Port of Spain at the intersection of Broadway and Wrightson Road and Beetham Highway.


Other Known Name: Port of Spain Lighthouse

Address: Beetham Highway, Wrightson Road

Town/City: Port of Spain

Region: Port of Spain

Site Type: Cultural Heritage

Ownership: Public

Public Accessibility: Restricted Access

Cultural Community: British

Site Features: Lighthouses & Watch Towers

  • Lighthouse - Candace Simmons

    Lighthouse – Candace Simmons

  • The Saint Vincent Jetty Lighthouse

    The Saint Vincent Jetty Lighthouse

  • The Saint Vincent Jetty Lighthouse

    The Saint Vincent Jetty Lighthouse



Beetham Highway, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain

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