St. Margaret’s A.C. Church
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The foundation stone for St Margaret’s Anglican Church in Belmont was laid on 25th October 1890 in the presence of the Governor, Sir William Robinson and blessed by Bishop Hayes. The church was dedicated to St Margaret of Antioch on 2nd December 1891.

The church is constructed of limestone from local quarries, the doors and windows lined with yellow brick brought as ballast on the sugar ships. These are now painted white. The church is cruciform in plan. Canon H.A Melville provided the bells with their three-fold peal and had them dedicated in 1896 in addition to the defunct organ which now serves as purely decorative and historic in function.

Under the pastorship of Rev. Buxo in the mid twentieth century, two fine stained glass windows with modern missionary motifs were erected to flank the main window.

In 1920 a visitor wrote: “Saint Margaret’s was and is one of the prettiest of the city churches with its lofty spire and many gabled roof……… with many large trees and with the burial places of many old parishioners”.

Anthony de Verteuil

Address: 93 Belmont Circular Road

Town/City: Belmont

Region: Port of Spain

Site Type: Cultural Heritage


Public Accessibility:

Cultural Community: British

Site Features: Places of Worship

  • St. Margaret's Anglican Church(6)

    St. Margaret's Anglican Church(6)


93 Belmont Circular Road, Belmont, Port of Spain

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