Memorial Park

The Memorial, Memorial Park, is located at the top of Frederick Street, Port of Spain. A stately cenotaph stands in the centre of the square honouring Trinidad and Tobago nationals that lost their lives in the first and second World War.

The memorial is of Portland stone and bronze set on four granite steps. On the base of the cenotaph are bronze panels engraved with the names of those who lost their lives in two World Wars. “Courage”, to the front of the cenotaph, is represented by the figure of a soldier armed with a rifle, standing guard and defending a dying comrade who lies on the ground at his feet. The side groups sit on the prows of ships emblematic of the part taken in the wars by the Royal Navy and the Mercantile Marine, and on each is seated a female figure, the one on the south in a pensive attitude reading a scroll of Fame, the other on the north a Red Cross nurse bearing a laurel wreath, emblematic of the tender care of the sick and fallen. To the rear of the base is a group of trophies.

Around the base of the column is a carved stone frieze with lion’s heads at the four corners. The column is surmounted by the winged figure of “Victory”, cast in bronze standing on a globe commemorative of the world wide conflicts and bearing in one outstretched hand the wreath of sacrifice and in the other the victor’s palm.

Adrian Camps-Campins

Other Known Name: Memorial Square

Address: Frederick Street

Town/City: Port of Spain

Region: Port of Spain

Site Type: Natural Heritage

Ownership: Public

Public Accessibility: Full Access

Habitat: Gardens & Parks

Eco-System: Terrestrial

Site Features:

  • Memorial Park - 1

    Memorial Park – 1

  • Memorial Park - 2

    Memorial Park – 2

  • Memorial Park - 3

    Memorial Park – 3

  • Memorial Park Statue Candace Simmons

    Memorial Park Statue Candace Simmons


Memorial Square, Frederick Street, Port of Spain

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