The work of the Trust is administered by an 11-member Council which comprise of 6 appointed (by the Minister) and 5 elected members (selected from among the membership) with varied professional backgrounds and expertise.  

Appointed Council Members 2016:

  • Ms. Margaret McDowall – Chairman
  • Mr. Geoffrey MacLean – Deputy Chairman
  • Ms. Candace Ramsaran – Secretary
  • Ms. Neisha Ghany – Treasurer
  • Mr. Louis Vilain – Council member
  • Ms. Aduke Williams– Council member


From Left, Aduke Williams (Council Member), Margaret McDowall (Chairman), Neisha Ghany (Treasurer), Geoffrey McLean (Deputy Chairman), Candice Ramsaran (Secretary) and Louis Villain (Council Member)



Valerie Taylor
Executive Director

Joseph Bertrand
Education and Outreach Officer
Contact: 225-4750 ext. 1075

Judith Marchan
Administrative Manager

Cheryl Ali
Customer Service Officer
Contact: 225-4750 ext. 1070

Marlon Green
Administrative Officer
Contact: 225-4750 ext. 1073

Chenelle Spooner
Communications Officer

Kara Roopsingh
Heritage Preservation and Research Officer
Contact: 225-4750 ext. 1072

Tiy Cross-Lovelace
Social Media + Education Officer
Contact: 225-4750 ext. 1076


Leslie Ann Paul
Heritage Preservation and Research Officer

Pauline Philip
Operations Coordinator

Ashleigh Morris
Heritage Preservation and Research Officer