Lopinot House


This site is on the Heritage Asset Register which is the official list of Trinidad and Tobago’s historic sites that are worthy of notation and preservation. The register is authorized by the National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago’s Council and is by no means exhaustive. The sites on the Heritage Asset Register are not owned by the National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago. The Trust welcomes any historical information and oral histories the public wishes to share with us concerning this site via the feedback form.

Property of interest occupying 1,721 square feet and  bounded on the north, south, east and west by State Lands.


Established in 1806 as part of the La Reconnaissance Estate, the Lopinot House was perhaps built to accommodate the Estate Manager. This manager would have been responsible for the distribution of wages among other things on the cocoa and coffee estates. Neither the Compte de Lopinot (original owner of the estate) or the overseer would have lived in the Lopinot House, as photographic evidence supports that these buildings were depicted elsewhere on the site. The Lopinot house was later occupied by an assigned state land officer after the Trinidad Government acquired the property in 1943.

The house is a medium sized cottage, made of timber, whose shape and massing is typical of the plantation style country house. A large gabled roof covers the main portion of the building from East to West with casement windows at each gable end. The main entrance is covered by a porte-cochére also ending with a gable end window.

Other Known Name: Lopinot Estate

Address: Lopinot Historical Complex

Town/City: Arouca

Region: Tunapuna – Piarco

Site Type: Cultural Heritage

Ownership: Private

Public Accessibility: Limited Access

Listing Status: Stage 7 – Notice of Intention has been published in the Trinidad and Tobago Gazette, the owners have been informed and the intention to list has been published in at least three issues of a daily newspaper

Grade: Grade 2 – Property in which material change may be permitted, provided that similarity is maintained in all respects as it origined composition, shape and form.

Cultural Community: French

Site Features: Cocoa Estates, Residences & Great Houses



Lopinot Historical Complex, Arouca, Tunapuna – Piarco