Independence Day Greetings from the Chairman
August 31, 2020

Chairman Margaret McDowall-Thompson

Dear Members,

As we celebrate our 58th year of Independence and get ready for the celebration of 44 years of Republican status, we must also note that the National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago is entering its 21st year of operation. I want to take this opportunity to thank our members for their continued support in the conservation of our built and natural heritage that are an indispensable part of our country’s identity.

The National Trust members are special and unique citizens that have helped the organization champion the cause of maintaining the link between the country’s diverse past and its chance for an enlightened future. Our heritage comprises pieces of a jigsaw which when put together, reveals how our society has evolved over the centuries and why, as a country, we are now better poised to embrace the fact that our diversity is our greatest strength.

Like any jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces, losing our built and natural heritage, leads to an incomplete understanding of our past. Heritage is not just about buildings, monuments and the environment though, it is also about the character of people and events that are woven into a magnificent tapestry of human stories. Lost heritage leaves many stories hidden or untold and is a disservice to future generations and their ability to understand how to interpret our past so that we may celebrate our present, create our future and enjoy our country’s natural blessings.

It is the support of all of our members that enables us to conduct research into properties of national interest; create and implement educational outreach programs to schools and communities; prepare our weekly newsletter to keep in touch with our members; work with stakeholders and the State, to preserve listed properties and of course, manage our well known and enjoyable tours, lectures and events. I want to thank all those who have faithfully renewed your membership every year and urge those that have not, to make a major effort to contribute to achieving our mandate.

You will be all pleased to learn that we are making new arrangements to ensure that payment of your membership fees becomes more convenient. You will be soon contacted to give details of the many ways that you can contribute to our mandate and so at this very opportune time provide a gift to our future generations.

Thank you for your continued support and on behalf of the Council and staff of the National Trust I wish you and your families, richest blessings and good health at this time of national celebration.

Yours Sincerely,

Margaret McDowall-Thompson,

Chairman, National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago.

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