The Memory Box project is a new & exciting reminiscence project from the National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago which aims to:

  1. Engage and share memories, and experiences between communities and the National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago.

  2. Gather information, photos and stories not found in history texts about community heritage, civic heritage etc.

  3. Promote and support community heritage sites.

The first installment focuses on the Sangre Grande Old Post Office. The Old Post Office is an important site to the local community who have been fighting to save it, and preserve it through campaigns and maintenance since 2015. TTPost has been an invaluable partner in the struggle, along with community groups such as the Concerned Citizens of Sangre Grande, supported by the MP for Toco/Sangre Grande, Ms Glenda Jennings-Smith.

Community heritage enhances local identity by serving as a physical reminder of the collective narrative that connects us to our roots. The story of the birth and development of Sangre Grande is told through the Sangre Grande Old Post Office; the last remaining building from the 1800s in the centre of the town. Though it may not look it, the Old Post Office is the oldest building within a 1.5 km radius, in the heart of the town.

The Memory Box campaign asks that you share your cherished memories, photographs, people and stories related to this important building with us.

Please let us know why this building is important to you!

Share your memories by emailing or by filling out the form below:

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