Tobago Assembly Legislature Building
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Scarborough’s rich heritage is highlighted by one of the island’s most celebrated historic resources, the Tobago House of Assembly building. It was built between 1821 and 1825and on completion it housed the island’s Legislature and Judiciary. Prior to the removal of the magnificent Georgian portico at the entrance and the unsympathetic manner in which the building has been modified, it was considered to be one of the best examples of Georgian architecture in the Caribbean. It was also the venue to host commemorations and other social events.

Fearing it would be unable to preserve law and order following the Belmanna Riot at Roxborough in 1876, the House of Assembly chose to give up representative Constitution in favour of the Crown Colony. This was done with the hope that the British Crown would provide greater protection to their lives and property on the island. Thus the building lost its prominence when the island’s representative institutions which it housed were surrendered.

In 1980 however, the building regained its former glory. The House of Assembly was restored when the Government of Trinidad and Tobago conferred a degree of self-government on Tobago. The Assembly’s Chamber in this old and historic building was restored.

Other Known Name: Old Court House

Address: Jerningham Street

Town/City: Upper Scarborough

Region: Tobago

Site Type: Cultural Heritage


Public Accessibility:

Cultural Community: British

Site Features: Public Buildings[mk_custom_sidebar sidebar=”map-location-widget”]


Jerningham Street, Upper Scarborough, Tobago

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