The President’s House
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President’s House is the official residence of the President of Trinidad and Tobago. A previous building on the site, known as “The Cottage,” had been used as the Governor’s residence since 1867. This residence, replacing it, was built in 1876. The stone facade is local blue limestone. The roof is covered with Welsh Dutchess slate. The building contains Victorian columns and railings with Victorian Italianate style arched portals and loggias.

The house was used as the residence of the Governor of Trinidad and Tobago from 1876 to 30 April 1958, when it became the residence of the Governor-General of the West Indies Federation. When Trinidad and Tobago became a republic in 1976, the Governor-General’s house was subsequently designated as “The President’s House”, and became the residence of the President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.


Property of interest located on a parcel of land situated in the City of Port of Spain, bounded on the north partly by the Official Residence of the Prime Minister (known as the “Diplomatic Centre”), La Fantasie Road, St. Ann’s and partly by the Royal Botanic Gardens, on the south by Circular Road, on the east partly by lands occupied by Queen’s Hall and partly by the Diplomatic Centre and on the west and extending northward by the Royal Botanic Gardens.


Address: Circular Road

Town/City: St. Anns

Region: San Juan – Laventille

Site Type: Cultural Heritage

Ownership: Public

Public Accessibility: Restricted Access

Cultural Community: British

Site Features: Public Buildings


Circular Road, St. Anns, San Juan – Laventille

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