Edith Falls

Edith falls is situated in Maqueripe, Chaguaramas in the Western Peninsula of Trinidad. Said to be of easy to moderate intensity, a trek to the 250-feet falls can take between 20 and 30 minutes depending on one’s level of fitness. The wide trail begins on flat terrain for about 10 minutes and then increases in gradient thereafter. Hikers must maneuver through dirt and rock to reach the sanctuary.

This waterfall was once part of the Maqueripe Estates in La Cuesa Valley. Between 1781 and 1797, four cedulants were granted these lands where they established sugarcane plantations. After being forced to diversify due to increased unprofitability of the sugarcane industry, other crops such as coffee, cotton, plantain, maize and cocoa (as well as coconuts along the bay) were introduced. One can still find some crops from that time dotting the landscape. Other plant species which can be found in the area include fishtail palms, bamboo, tonka beans and red heliconia hirsutas also known as the Bird of Paradise flower.

On the journey to Edith Falls, one can also encounter an array of wildlife including Guyanan Red Howler monkeys, White-Fronted Capuchin monkeys (an introduced species) and a variety of parrot species such as the orange-winged parrot.

Experienced hikers advise that the best time to venture to the falls is in the height of the rainy season. During this time, the waterfalls flow at full force. In the Dry Season, however, the water that tumbles over the off the steep and mossy rock face is, at best, tantamount to water emitted from a shower head.


Address: Off Bellerand Road

Town/City: Chaguaramas

Region: Diego Martin

Site Type: Natural Heritage

Ownership: Public

Public Accessibility: Limited Access

Habitat: Waterfalls & Springs

Eco-System: Freshwater

Site Features:

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Off Bellerand Road, Chaguaramas, Diego Martin

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