Blue Basin Waterfalls
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Blue Basin Waterfalls lies on the eastern side of the Diego Martin Valley. Its source is in Meyah, a secluded area in the Paramin village. The Meyah river courses through the former Cameron Valley cacao estate, meanders through some huge gullies, and cascades down three falls which only a few have the courage to venture: White Hole (Slip and Slide), Coffin Hole, and Tsou Falls in that order. The river then descends to the Blue Basin waterfall where a gush of water fills the basin dug out by its force. The waterfall is about 50 feet high and fills up a turquoise-coloured pool about 20 feet deep. Despite its depth, there is a gradual increase in deepness from the bank making it accessible to non-swimmers. Further downhill, there is another pool that connects to the Blue Basin waterfall called D’eau Bleu.

Within the waterfalls’ immediate surroundings one can find a plethora of flora including the Brazilian nut tree, a variety of mangoes, susumba, tonka beans and cocoa, a remnant of its past as a cocoa estate. In terms of fauna, there are agoutis, iguanas, howler monkeys, squirrels, manicous and stunning Blue Emperor butterflies. Tourists, residents, and people from all over the country visit the Blue Basin waterfalls which is said to be one of the most accessible on the island. It is also frequented by religious groups including Baptists, Hindus and Rastafarians who regard these waters as sacred.

The Blue Basin river, along with the La Cascade rivers, forms part of the uppermost tributaries of the Diego Martin River. The area known as River Estate is fed by these two large tributary streams. At one time, River Estate was a grand sugar plantation owned by James Cadett and later by James Lamont. The watermill on River estate, originally built in 1810 and later replaced in 1835, was used to crush sugarcane, extracting its juices which flowed through pipes to the vats in the nearby factory. Waters from Blue Basin, which were said to be plentiful even in the dry season, had powered the wheel.

Today, due to climate change, the Blue Basin waterfall no longer emits the large volume of water it once did. However, it continues to provide a lovely sanctuary away from the bustling life of the city.

Address: Blue Basin Road

Town/City: Diego Martin

Region: Diego Martin

Site Type: Natural Heritage

Ownership: Public

Public Accessibility: Full Access

Habitat: Waterfalls & Springs

Eco-System: Freshwater

Site Features:

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    Blue Basin02

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Blue Basin Road, Diego Martin