Statement on the destruction of Heritage Building on Jerningham Avenue
September 26, 2020

The National Trust is saddened to learn that demolition of the uniquely designed ‘gingerbread house’, on Jerningham Avenue, Belmont, has commenced. In response to an inquiry from UDECOTT, the National Trust conducted a site visit in 2018 and advised that this building along with the one on the corner of Jerningham Avenue and the Queens Park East, were suitable for restoration and adaptive reuse. It was noted that this historic property retained its original design and would be a strong addition to the gingerbread houses of Belmont that could be incorporated into a Belmont Heritage District. 

This site has been earmarked for the new offices of the Ministry of Health. Unfortunately, work commenced on this historic site a few days ago, without any prior notification to the National Trust. These works began with the removal of the fence which protected the site. The Trust has since received several reports of persons trespassing onto the site, removing items, and causing damage to the building.

The National Trust and Citizens for Conservation are presently holding discussions with UDECOTT and NH International (Caribbean) Ltd., to ensure that the building site is properly secured to prevent any further theft or vandalism. Arrangements are also being made to photograph and record this building and another on site, formerly used by the Medical Counselling Centre. The other building is in the middle of the site and will be removed to make way for the new office building. In the interim, the National Trust is asking any members who have information about the history, design and construction of these buildings, to comment on our facebook page (@ttnationaltrust) or contact the Trust at 

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