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COVID regulations

For your safety and ours, please remember to:

  • Stay home if you are ill
  • Wear a mask over your nose and mouth for the tour
  • Keep your distance from others (at least 3 feet)
  • Keep an alcohol-based hand sanitiser on hand and frequently sanitise or wash your hands
  • Avoid touching your face


When do you want to go?

We accept bookings 2 weeks in advance!

  • Tours can be booked Sunday to Sunday (from 8am – 6pm)
  • Tours should be booked a maximum of 1 month in advance

We may give you a call to find out more information and personalise your tour to you and your group!

Where do YOU want to go?

Historic Moruga – 8 Hours
  • Punta de la Playa
  • Christopher Columbus Monument
  • Bailey Bridge
  • St Vincent Ferrer RC Church
  • Rock River (optional)
  • Vista Dorado Estate (optional)

If you have a full day to explore and love long winding roads, this is the tour for YOU!


Cedros Icacos – 8 Hours
  • WWII US Army Bunker at Green Hill
  • Columbus Bay
  • Great Icacos Lagoon
  • Galfa Mud Volcano/Balka Devi

If you have a full day to explore and love the outdoors, this is the tour for YOU!


Princes Town – 6 Hours
  • Poui trees planted by Prince Albert and Prince George
  • St Stephen’s Church
  • Malgretoute Estate Manager’s House
  • The First Government Primary School
  • Iere Village Masjid (The first Masjid in T&T)
  • The oldest Ramleela ground in T&T
  • Glenroy Tunnel (one of the lesser known railway tunnels)
  • Devil’s Woodyard (optional)

The perfect tour for our Railway enthusiasts!


Historic San Fernando – 5 Hours
  • San Fernando Hill (see spectacular views of the city and the little known island Faralon Rock)
  • Plaza San Carlos
  • Harris Promenade
  • Brij Maharaj Auto and Heritage Museum
  • Carib St (optional)
  • Vistabella (optional)

Our gearheads would love this!


Port of Spain – 3 Hours
  • Woodford Square Heritage District
  • The Magnificent Seven
  • Independence Square
  • The Waterfront
  • East Port of Spain
  • Woodbrook
  • St Clair

For the people who love gingerbread houses and beautiful architecture!


Nelson Island Heritage Site (Option 1) – 3 Hours
  • Nelson Island
  • The Five Islands
  • Solar powered electricity
  • A desalination plant

Nelson Island Tour – Renewable energy & history all in one! 


Nelson Island Heritage Site (Option 2) – 3 Hours
Departing on ‘Finesse’ docked at Crews Inn. This option includes a trip to either Scotland Bay, Turtle Bay or Caledonia Beach


Nelson Island Heritage Site (Option 3) – 3 Hours

Departing on ‘Life is Good’ docked at Island Homes. This option includes a trip to either Scotland Bay, Turtle Bay or Caledonia Beach.


Chaguaramas (Option 1) – 4 Hours
  • The Military History and Aviation Museum
  • Bathing at Williams Bay

If you’re into Aircrafts and Military history, this is the tour for YOU!


Chaguaramas (Option 2) – 4 Hours
  • Ziplining
  • Bathing at Macqueripe

If you’re an adventure junkie, this is the tour for YOU!


Lopinot Heritage Tour – 4 Hours

Experience the 4Cs of Lopinot with a tour of the historical complex, cave, cemetery and cocoa bean to bar experience. Learn while you enjoy the ambiance and hospitality of the Lopinot community.


Mayaro Heritage Tour – 8 Hours

Take a scenic drive along the east coast takes you to the quiet town of Mayaro and soak in elements so our built, natural and cultural heritage.

Sites include

  • the Cascadoux mud volcano,
  • Old Mayaro Post Office,
  • Dove’s Dirt Oven and more.


Fyzabad Heritage Tour – 6 Hours

Take a trip to the cozy village of Fyzabad which has played such a significant role in the development of Trinidad and Tobago.

Sites include

  • the Mud House Museum,
  • Charlie King Junction,
  • the La Brea Charles Monument,
  • Sanderson Heritage Park and more.


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