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14How Britan Re-Invented Slavery (clip)Documentry
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41The value of Preservation Mr McGheeLecture (3 parts)2008
42Dr. K Mahabir LectureLecture2008
43Heritage Tour to WaterlooCoverage18-May-08
44Nelson Island Constrution VistFootage28-May-08
45Genealogy: An Idea Whose Time Has ComeLecture28-Apr-08
46Indian Heritage and Sacred Sites in TrinidadLecture28-May-08
47Nelson Island Constrution VisitImages16-Jun-08
48National Trust Lecture – Julian KennyDocuments25-Jul-07
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75Condition Survay of the CathedralDocumentry
76Sukh Shanti Bhakti Mandali (Presentation)Document
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120Buljol Steve Neaves & Zu Zun GengMusic
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124El Sur
125Steven Edwards ProdutionDocumentry
127I am You are We are Trinbago (Flag)Documentry
128Dr. Rudranathe Capildeo lecture 2016Lecture2016
129Silos at w’ville Harmony Hall and PictonRaw Footage
130Mr. Chris Pulliam LectureLecture
131Mr. Chris Pulliam Lecture Part 2Lecture
132Dr. Aric Boomert Disk 1Lecture
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134Archaeology Heritage Management SeminarDocumentry14-Mar-14
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138Trinidad and Tobago’s FolkloreDocumentry
139Sangre Grande Celebrates 118 yearsLecture27-Aug-15
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141The Road Less TravelledFilm
142The Hidden Cultures of Trinidad and TobagoFilm2009
143The St. James Market urban Architectural MonumentLecture2011
144Discovering and Preserving Trinidad’s Railway HistoryLecture2011
14570 Remembering a RevolutionDocumentry
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147Dr. Neal – LopinotLecture
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149Archeaeological HeritageLecture
150The first TrinidadiansDvD Presentation
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154The AmerindiansFilm
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159Re-Percussions PanDocumentry
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161Wild T & TDocumentry
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163Bush Diary with Robert ClarkeDocumentry
164Nariva Must Not DieDocumentry