Old Public Library


The Heritage Library is at present housed in an imposing building that look towards Woodford Square and is bounded by City Hall and the Hall of Justice. The imposing edifice is a custom built library of historical significance, and was constructed in 1901at the corner of Pembroke and Knox streets on the site of the house of Trinidad’s first British Governor, Sir Thomas Picton. The library was opened to the public in April 1902.

This perfectly proportioned and symmetrical building and landmark was built in a Classical Revival style. The main entranced is identified by a triangular pediment with the inscription “1901 Public Library” and the ground floor entrance is protected by a protruding balcony. The front elevation is further enhanced by bringing forward, on both floors, the arch and columns that identify the entrance.

The National Heritage Library evolved from the integration in 1994 of the West Indian Reference Library of the Central Library of Trinidad and Tobago and the West Indian Reference Library of the Trinidad Public Library.

Other Known Name: Trinidad Public Library Building

Address: Corner Knox and Pembroke Streets

Town/City: Port of Spain

Region: Port of Spain

Site Type: Cultural Heritage

Ownership: Public

Public Accessibility: Limited Access

Listing Status: Stage 4 – Preparation of Dossier for Heritage Site

Cultural Community: British

Site Features: Public Buildings


Corner Knox and Pembroke Streets, Port of Spain