Nelson Island Stay to Get Away Tour

Nelson Island Heritage Site Tour

Our Nelson Island Tour is here!! Experience Nelson Island's history from the First Peoples to Indentureship; walk through jail cells ...
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Stay to Get Away Cruises

Western Isles Boat Tours

This amazing tour is available over several dates and only in August! It's a short sight-seeing trip around the islands ...
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carnival tour

The National Trust, Port Of Spain Historic Carnival Tour

Join Marlon Green of the National Trust as he recaps the highlights of The National Trust's Historic Carnival Tour of ...
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Cocoa Tour of Gran Couva Event Flyer

Cocoa Tour of Gran Couva

Cocoa is a huge part of the history of Trinidad and Tobago. Gran Couva's Montserrat Hills are historically linked to ...
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Using Lime Mortar- Historic Restoration Workshop 1

Using Lime Mortar: Historic Restoration Workshop

Ever wonder what those historic houses were built from? It's not concrete...then what is it? It's Lime mortar. What in ...
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